Established in 2008, Unique Holistic Boutique was created to be a place for much more than just getting your nails done… this is the place that brings out your natural beauty from within. Our estheticians take time to get to know their customers very well and expertly assess the condition of your nails and skin on an individual basis to determine the appropriate products that are right for you.

Do you like inhaling the dust and toxic smells from acrylic products? Neither do we! Our holistic approach towards beauty requires only products that do not contain formaldehyde, nor the use of acetone or acrylic nails.

Your skin condition can’t improve if the products used are full of chemicals which is why we only use natural skin products derived from high-quality ingredients that can be found in nature.

We also pride ourselves to be one of the cleanest places you can find. There is no risk of being exposed to bacteria or fungus as each customer is provided with a new, disposable liner for the foot bath, eliminating cross-contamination from others. All tools are soaked in Barbicide and then placed in the UV sanitizing machine for an extended period, so each customer gets their own freshly cleaned, a pre-wrapped tool kit for their spa visit.

Come join us and get the pampering you deserve!

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